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Should Lady Gaga Be Your PR Role Model?

Chick In a Shell

Are you the next Lady Gaga?

Mia Pearson of Fleishman Hillard-Canada had an interesting piece in the Globe And Mail yesterday in which she extracted some principles from Lady Gaga’s egg-wearing PR stunt at the Grammy Awards to offer guidance to others hoping to emulate her PR success.

Pearson posed five key questions for those hoping to make the attempt of a Gaga-style PR stunt:

  1. Does your plan clearly map back to your communications objectives?
  2. Is it newsworthy?
  3. Will it be accessible?
  4. Does it pack a visual punch?
  5. Do you have a social media strategy to back it up?

She then offered some context and useful guidance.

Still, I would urge those considering making such an attempt to keep their expectations in check.  Pearson’s point about integrating your traditional media outreach with social media is an important one, but that’s where the differences between most people and Lady Gaga come into sharpest focus.  Most people don’t have access to the 8.3 million Twitter followers like Lady Gaga does and most don’t get to walk the red carpet at nationally televised events like the Grammy Awards.

With that said, the most important lesson from Lady Gaga may be a very simple one:  Make the most of what you have at your disposal.

Check out Mia Pearson on Twitter.