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Google’s Milo Medin Talks Google Fiber At Kansas Conference

Google’s Milo Medin provides some context for the Google Fiber initiative at Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s Economic Summit on Life Sciences yesterday.


  • When asked what Google expects to happen, he points backwards, not forward, pointing out all the apps we have today that couldn’t have been contemplated a decade ago.
  • When talking about a transition from megabit web to gigabit web, he uses words like “revolution.”
  • At first, the gig web will be about folks doing what they do today faster, but thinks that once it’s widely available, the Gig web will bring major transformation.
  • Medin also says he thinks the pioneer spirit is alive and well in Kansas City.
  • He elaborates on an example of interconnecting local institutions (particularly health care) with remote resources.
  • Hi-resolution video-conferencing is another specific example he lays out.
  • “We don’t really have all the answers.  We want to invent the future, together, with you.”

Google’s Grand Experiment in KCK

Google Fiber logo

Google Fiber logo

If you haven’t yet read Scott Canon’s piece from the Kansas City Star on the implications of Google’s selection of Kansas City, KS as the site for its initial deployment of a 1Gig broadband network, you should.

Though, after reading Canon’s piece, it’s clear that there are still lots of questions to be answered:

Although it promises to crank up super-fast Internet service in early 2012, it’s not sure of a schedule. It will make the price “competitive” and “affordable,” but still insists it doesn’t know how much it will charge. It might let other companies sell services over its fiber-optic network, but no news yet on who might sell what.

However, Google’s kickoff video does offer some hints as to the bigger things to come:

As the video suggests, education, health care and entertainment are likely to get plenty of attention during this initiative. But the geek in me wonders whether Google has some technological wizardry of its own it’s planning to test out during this “experiment.”

See also, Google’s announcement blog post.  They’ve also got a placeholder set up for a blog on the Google Fiber experiment, though they haven’t had a lot to say there yet.

More soon…