Google’s Milo Medin Talks Google Fiber At Kansas Conference

Google’s Milo Medin provides some context for the Google Fiber initiative at Kansas Governor Sam Brownback’s Economic Summit on Life Sciences yesterday.


  • When asked what Google expects to happen, he points backwards, not forward, pointing out all the apps we have today that couldn’t have been contemplated a decade ago.
  • When talking about a transition from megabit web to gigabit web, he uses words like “revolution.”
  • At first, the gig web will be about folks doing what they do today faster, but thinks that once it’s widely available, the Gig web will bring major transformation.
  • Medin also says he thinks the pioneer spirit is alive and well in Kansas City.
  • He elaborates on an example of interconnecting local institutions (particularly health care) with remote resources.
  • Hi-resolution video-conferencing is another specific example he lays out.
  • “We don’t really have all the answers. ¬†We want to invent the future, together, with you.”